Features of SmartNautic

SmartNautic is a fun and informative application for enhancement and exploitation of the tourist, natural and cultural coastal resources.

How does it work?

SmartNautic has been developed for tablets and smartphones and is based on Augmented Reality: viewing the physical real-world environment and combining it with virtual elements (the added information) for creating a mixed reality in real time.

Tourist information module based on augmented reality

Users, after installing the application on their device, have access to the tourist information of the area. Simply run the application and point to the place you want to receive information about. The device displays, on the screen, the information published about the area. This module offers a service that allows people to access centralized, updated and reliable tourist information, creating spaces and ecosystems conceptualized under the premise of Tourism 2.0, which is characterized for its geo-referenced contents with information obtained from various sources and with personal experiences available on social networks through the use of folksonomies (collective classification systems) to be displayed in a Web client, or from a mobile terminal through augmented reality.


Portolan chart module based on augmented reality

The application allows the loading of portolans, charts showing in great detail small areas of coast and sea including both 2D and 3D entry details to anchoring areas and to each of the registered ports, dangerous areas, areas within the Natura 2000 network, wrecks, areas of interest for diving, etc.


Virtual boat racing module based on augmented reality

This module offers a view of fields of virtual boat racing by using Augmented Reality for the different competitive water sports without previously having to reserve areas with physical buoys. SmartNautic indicates both the selected racing circuit and the time invested in it. Users can also look, in SmartNautic, the circuit rankings and their personal records for each of the circuits taken.


Interactive information guide and best environmental practices

For a respectful attitude to the environment. This guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Waste in the nautical sector.
  • Waste management.
  • Environmental awareness and sustainable development.
  • Natura 2000 areas.
  • Special conservation areas.
  • Threatened species.

guía medioambiental

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