Innovation at the people's services

"Design and technology to serve people"

The strategy for R&D&I of HUMAN is aimed at optimizing processes by creating efficient and technologically advanced solutions.

We analyse, design and develop our software considering the role-environment- application relation in order to satisfy the needs specific to each individual user’s profile, to each person.

Human philosophy: creativity and knowledge

Our team is formed by an interdisciplinary group of professionals, passionate about what we do and wanting to meet new challenges. This impulse leads us to make HUMAN an innovative Company, both in terms of design and technology, and commits us and requires proper management of all our projects. All this in response to a single goal, that of developing our own software, applying optimized designs in terms of efficiency, usability and performance.

Collaboration policy

We believe in the power of unity at enhancing innovation strategies, so in HUMAN we rely on specialized collaborators to perform partial development activities.


The course of research and innovation, towards the development of our products, focus on:

  • Solutions based on Augmented Reality.
  • Development applied to new mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, and augmented reality glasses).
  • Generation of 3D interactive catalogues.
  • Data integration processes.
  • Cloud applications.
  • Predictive and preventive systems supported by data mining processes.
  • Modelling of users based on cognitive psychology.

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